I Care

Thank you John.

A very talented student from "One Church" in Spokane who drew this by hand for me while watching me putting together this project in our spare time :)



Who is "I" in "I CARE"

The "I" in "I CARE" is a combination of 3 persons who work together to make a difference:


First and foremost, God, He loves and cares for everyone of His children. He cry’s for everyone who struggles with poverty, sickness and hopelessness in any nation. By calling His people to help others He is telling them that "I CARE" for them and that He loves them.


For over half of my life I have given my time and money to help people around the world that have been struggling with poverty, sickness and a need for hope, whether or not others choose to do the same. "I CARE" therefore I do something.


More important than me according to the "I CARE" scripture it is you personally who cares when you answer the call to help others. You are saying “I Care” to God and to those that you are helping when you choose to step in and make a difference. This project helps those who need your help locally and globally.

Have you found and read the "I CARE" scripture?

I know that there are a lot of scams out there so if you or anyone (in Canada or the USA) wants to help but are not sure if Hopeline Christian Society gives everything we get you can call me (Curtis Blanchet) you can email info@hopeline.org and I will call you back at my first chance. I cannot give a phone number because I cannot answer my phone because I drive bus for my job. Plus Hopeline has no employees and all money raise goes to helping those in need. As well anyone can go to my Facebook page and talk to me or to anyone else about me that has known me for many years. I have never made my Facebook page this public before however this project is that important for so many.

This project is very important for all of the people that we will employ this year and for years to come as well as those that we will be able to help that live in poverty locally and globally. Please help start this not-for-profit project.


Do you?

If you do! I would appreciate your help.

May God Bless you and thank you for considering to help those in need. We have been blessed to be a blessing to others.

Curtis Blanchet

Hopeline Christian Society